Week 13: Sapienza, Smith, Wiki Deadline, and Data Collection Deadline

Next week we will put our wiki assignment to bed, which will allow us to focus wholeheartedly on the final project for the remainder of the semester. As you finalize your work on the wiki project over the weekend, please review the assignment guidelines and remember that when I evaluate these projects, I will rely heavily on self-documentation each of you have written on your RhetorClick user pages. The deadline for this assignment is Tuesday morning, so please make sure you have completed all of your work on the wiki before you come to class.

Here’s our game plan for next week:

  • On Tuesday, we will discuss “Ethos and Research Positionality in Studies of Virtual Communities,” by Filipp Sapienza [DWR 89–106], and “Researching Hybrid Literacies,” by Beatrice Smith [DWR 127–49]. As you read these pieces, focus on the practical application for your research studies. (Also, please note that this will probably be the last day of readings, so if you haven’t completed ten reading responses, don’t miss this one.)
  • Thursday is the data collection deadline for the final project, so we will spend the class period presenting our data and getting feedback about any methodological challenges we might be having. Come to class ready to share your initial findings with the class and ask any questions you have about analyzing your data. Plan to take five minutes for this informal presentation.

As always, if you have any questions about these plans, or if you want to talk about your research project, just let me know.

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