Week 12: Hawkes; Reilly and Eyman; and Wiki Workshop

I hope you’re all enjoying your Easter break. When we return on Tuesday, we will be entering the home stretch of the semester, and we have a lot of ground to cover in the last four weeks. My goal is to spend at least part of every class period for the rest of the semester on our two big remaining assignments: the wiki project and the final paper. Here’s how we’ll proceed next week:

  • On Tuesday (4/10), we will discuss “Impact of Invasive Web Technologies on Digital Research,” by Lory Hawkes [DWR 337–51], and “Multifaceted Methods for Multimodal Texts,” by Colleen Reilly and Doug Eyman [DWR 353–75]. I will lead the discussion and Susie will take notes. In addition, the annotated bibliography for your final paper is due before you come to class. To submit your bibliography, please upload it to Google Docs and share it with email hidden; JavaScript is required (and be sure to give me editing privileges). Each of your 8-10 entries in the bibliography should begin with a full citation in MLA format, followed by a ~200 word annotation, which should summarize the source and explain how you plan to use it in your final paper.
  • On Thursday (4/12), we will spend the entire class session working on the RhetorClick wiki, so if you have a laptop, please bring it to class. Your only homework for Thursday is to add a draft of your wiki contributions to the site before you come to class.

Due to Easter break, I won’t have office hours on Monday, so if you have any questions about your annotated bibliography or the wiki assignment before class on Tuesday, please email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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