This calendar contains a rough outline of readings and due dates for the semester. Expect changes to the calendar as the course progresses. Each Friday, I will add a post to the homepage that contains a more detailed description of our activities for the following week.

Note: Readings from Professing the New Rhetorics (Enos and Brown) will be designated with [PNR]. Readings from Digital Writing Research (McKee and DeVoss) will be designated with [DWR]. All other readings will be linked to their original sources or stored on the Readings page.

Week 1

1/17 — Introduction to the course. Find out what we know (and what we don’t).
1/19 — Lunsford and Ede [PNR 397–411]. Discussion Leader: Quinn. Note Takers: Trevor and Rhiann.

Week 2

1/24 — Meet jointly with Dr. Loewe’s class (RCC 231). Introduction to the wiki. Read: Ehninger [PNR 319–30]. Discussion Leader: Dr. Loewe. Note Takers: J.R. and Chloe.
1/26 — Read: Burke [PNR 40–62]. Discussion Leader: Rhiann. Note Taker: Stephen.

Week 3

1/31 — Read: Bryant [PNR 267–97]. Discussion Leader: Stephen. Note Takers: Elisabeth and Katie.
2/2 — Read: Perelman [PNR 145–77]. Discussion Leader: Chloe. Note Taker: Rebecca.

Week 4

2/7 — Read: Saussure [PNR 3–15] and Bakhtin [PNR 63–74]. Discussion Leader: Elisabeth. Note Takers: Stephen and J.R.
2/9 — Read: Foucault [PNR 178–93] and Barthes [PDF]. Discussion Leader: Ryan. Note Taker: Meg.

Week 5

2/14 — Read: Weaver [PNR 75–89]. Discussion Leader: Kenny. Note Takers: Rhiann and Ryan. ASSIGNMENT: First Short Paper due at the beginning of class.
2/16 — Read: Toulmin [PNR 105–25]. Discussion Leader: J.R. Note Takers: Susie and Kenny.

Week 6

2/21 — Read: McKeon [PNR 126–44] Discussion Leader: Rebecca. Note Takers: Elisabeth and Meg.
2/23 — Read: Ohmann [PNR 298–306] and Scott [PNR 307–18]. Discussion Leader: Susie. Note Taker: Jennifer.

Week 7

2/28 — Read: Corder [PNR 412–28] and Brent [Online]. Discussion Leader: Jennifer. Note Taker: Rebecca.
3/1 — Catch-up day. Take stock of where we are and where we want to go; check in on the wiki.

Week 8

3/6 — Read: Downs and Wardle [PDF]. Discussion Leader: Guest instructor. Note Taker: Jennifer.
3/8 — Read: McKee and DeVoss [DWR 1–24] and DePew [49–69]. Discussion Leader: Quinn. Note Takers: none today.


Week 9

3/20 — Read: Blythe [DWR 203–27]. Discussion Leader: Katie. Note Takers: Ryan and Chloe.
3/22 — Individual conferences with Quinn. ASSIGNMENT: Bring your written proposal for the Final Paper to your conference.

Week 10

3/27 — Read: Sidler [DWR 71–86] and Kimme Hea [DWR 269–86]. Discussion Leader: Meg. Note Taker: Trevor.
3/29 — Read: Rickly [DWR 377–97]. Discussion Leader: Quinn. Note Taker: Katie.

Week 11

4/3 — Read: Hart-Davidson [DWR 153–70] and McIntire-Strasburg [DWR 287–300]. Discussion Leader: Trevor. Note Taker: Kenny.
4/5 — NO CLASS (Easter Break).

Week 12

4/10 — Read: Hawkes [DWR 337–51] and Reilly and Eyman [DWR 353–75]. Note taker: Susie. ASSIGNMENT: Annotated Bibliography for Final Paper due at the beginning of class.
4/12 — Wiki workshop day. ASSIGNMENT: Bring laptops to class; add at least a draft of your wiki project to RhetorClick before you come to class.

Week 13

4/17 — TBD. ASSIGNMENT: Final deadline for contributions to the Wiki.
4/19 — TBD. ASSIGNMENT: Data collection deadline for the Final Paper.

Week 14

4/24 — TBD.
4/26 — Final paper workshop. ASSIGNMENT: Bring two printed copies of your paper to class.

Week 15

5/1 — TBD. ASSIGNMENT: In preparation for Thursday’s workshop, bring two printed copies of a complete draft of your final paper.
5/3 — Final paper peer review. Bring completed reviews of your classmates’ papers and be ready to discuss their work at length.

Week 16

5/8ASSIGNMENT: Final Paper due no later than 11:15 a.m.