Week 14: Swales Introductions, Drafting Academic Prose

I’m glad we took the time to hear about each of your research projects in class yesterday, and I hope you left class with a few new ideas that you can apply to your project. Next week, we will focus wholeheartedly on generating a paper from your raw data, so you should make significant progress on analyzing your data over the weekend.

Here’s how we’ll spend our time next week and what you need to do to prepare for our in-class writing workshops:

  • On Tuesday (4/24), we will talk about how to frame your research in the introduction of your paper. We’ll work through some exercises in class, so before you come to class, please print out and read the selection from Aspects of Article Introductions, by John Swales (linked as a PDF file on the Readings page), and “Making Rhetorical Moves in Academic Writing,” compiled by Dr. Loewe.
  • On Thursday (4/26), we will conduct the first of several peer-review exercises to help you revise and polish your final paper. The assignment sheet states that you should have a draft of your paper by this date, but I recognize that might be wishful thinking. For Thursday’s activity, please come to class with two printed copies of your draft-in-progress, which should contain, at minimum, an introduction, a methods section, and a results section. (We’ll save the discussion section, the works cited, the abstract, etc., for the following week.)

Finally, just a quick reminder that I won’t have office hours on Monday, due to the Edward Tufte workshop I’m attending. If you need to talk to me about your project, please email me and we’ll find a time to meet on Tuesday, either before class or in the afternoon.

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