Week 6: McKeon, Ohmann and Scott

This will be a brief update, with just a couple of quick reminders and an overview of our plans for next week. First, the reminders:

  • As of today, I am caught up on grading your reading responses, so if you’re curious to know how you’re doing on that portion of the class, you can login to your Google Docs account to see my feedback on your responses. To stay on track, you should have completed approximately five responses by this point in the semester. If you’re behind schedule on these responses, please don’t let too many additional reading days slip by without writing responses.
  • As we discussed in class on Thursday, your proposals for the wiki assignment are due no later than Monday, February 27. During Week 6, you should be drafting your plans for this project and/or collaborating with your classmates to determine who will be doing what on the class wiki. I will try to reserve a little time during class on Tuesday for you to discuss your proposals with one another, but you don’t need to wait for class to team up with other people in the class.

And here are our plans for Week 6:

  • On Tuesday (2/21), we will discuss “The Uses of Rhetoric in a Technological Age: Architectonic Productive Arts,” by Richard McKeon [PNR 126–44]. Rebecca will lead our discussion, and Elisabeth and Meg will take notes. In addition, you should come to class with a rough outline of what you want to do for the wiki assignment.
  • On Thursday (2/23), we will discuss “In Lieu of a New Rhetoric,” by Richard Ohmann [PNR 298–306], and “On Viewing Rhetoric as Epistemic,” by Robert L. Scott [PNR 307–18]. Susie will lead the discussion, and Jennifer will take notes.

If you have questions about these plans, or if you want to meet with me to discuss your plans for the wiki assignment, feel free to stop by my office (211 Premont) during my office hours (Monday 9-12 or Wednesday 1-4).

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