Week 10: Sidler, Kimme Hea, and Rickly

I really loved talking with each of you about your research projects over the past two days. I can’t wait to read these final papers! Over the next couple of weeks, we will be reviewing some specific tools and techniques that you can use to collect and analyze your data, but if you ever feel like you’re getting lost or falling behind, please let me know. I am happy to readjust some of our class sessions to make sure that everyone feels confident about this assignment.

In addition to talking about research methods, next week we will read three excellent articles. Here’s the day-by-day plan:

  • On Tuesday (3/27), we will read “Playing Scavenger and Gazer with Scientific Discourse: Opportunities and Ethics for Online Research,” by Michelle Sidler [DWR 71–86], and “Riding the Wave: Articulating a Critical Methodology for Web Research Practices,” by Amy Kimme Hea [DWR 269–86]. Meg will lead our discussion, and Trevor will take notes.
  • On Thursday (3/29), we will read “Messy Contexts: Research as a Rhetorical Situation,” by Rebecca Rickly [DWR 377–97]. I will lead the discussion, and Katie will take notes.

Finally, this is another reminder that the final deadline for contributions to RhetorClick is three weeks away (April 17). A few of you (a very few of you) have been making solid progress on this assignment, but most of you need to dig into this project. Don’t let the deadline creep up on you!

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